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Level 7 curriculum preview

ages 14 +


Key principle is suspension

  • suspension is the ability to hold a shape in the air, balance is the ability to hold a shape while in contact with the ground

Key vocabulary is batterie


General guidelines:

  • Advanced levels shift the focus from acquisition of vocabulary to using vocabulary to help prepare for performances.

  • Students in the advanced levels should have nearly-flat 5th positions.

  • Ideal class length is 1.5-2 hours, depending on rehearsal and performance schedule.


Level 7 Unit 1



tendu double w/o weight transfer

penché with leg devant

foot-in-hand stretches



arabesque penché

4 pirouettes

4 continuous fouettés

grand jeté à la seconde


Level 7 Unit 2



double fondu

grand battement w/ piqué tendu



pirouettes with leg à la seconde

passé sauté

échappé closing w/ 3 beats (prep for entrechat six)


. . .


Level 7 Unit 8



no new vocabulary



sissone retombée (also called sissone doublée)


Level 7 Unit 9



no new vocabulary



pas de ciseaux

cabriole derrière—petit


Expectations to advance to next level:

  • ability to hold turnout well enough to see clean shapes in the air during jumps with battu

  • grand allegro jumps are high enough to see sustained shape in the air

  • at least 4 consecutive fouetté turns

If this preview didn't answer your questions, we have FAQ blog posts​ and you are always welcome to email with questions specific to your studio!  

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