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Geeky Ballerina

artistry + technique

Geeky Ballerina

artistry + technique

Geeky Ballerina

artistry + technique


The Geeky Ballerina Teaching Resources 

One of the perks of overthinking is that it leads to asking a million questions and then doing the research to find answers. I have found some really cool answers in some very unexpected places! I think that's one of the things that makes ballet so fun--there are so many different connections to make and different ways to explore concepts. 

Lesson Plans



dancers at the barre

The Geeky Ballerina Curriculum

A curriculum is a lot like the ingredients list for a cake. You can change a few things and mix up the order a little bit but each ingredient is important to the successful outcome of the cake. The Geeky Ballerina curriculum includes all the ingredients you need to create a ballet program that is comprehensive and also easy to personalize to your tastes.

Each level in the Geeky Ballerina curriculum includes:

  • Recommended age range

  • Recommended class length

  • General guidelines for the level

  • The key principle and vocabulary for the level

  • All new vocabulary for the level, divided into 9 units

  • Benchmarks that demonstrate mastery of the material to help determine when a student is ready to progress to the next level


The technique curriculum includes 4 divisions:

  • Pre-Ballet & Ballet Foundations (your youngest dancers up to age 7)

  • Elementary Division--Levels 1-3 (ages 8+)

  • Intermediate Division--Levels 4-6 (ages 11+)

  • Advanced Division--Levels 7 & 8 (ages 14+)

    • Teachers often choose to spend two years working with students on some levels, so most students are closer to 16 when they reach the advanced division ​


Resources for adult beginners

  • Adult and teen beginners should begin with Level 2, in the Elementary Division


The pointe curriculum includes:

  • A pointe readiness evaluation including the exercises, an evaluation rubric, and sample results letters to send to families

  • An optional pointe preparation year

  • Four pointe levels designed to align with levels 4+ in the technique curriculum

  • The key principle and vocabulary for each level

  • All new vocabulary for each level, divided into 9 units

  • Benchmarks that demonstrate mastery of the material to help determine when a student is ready to progress to the next level

a cake decorated with sugar cookie pointe shoes on top

The Geeky Ballerina Lesson Plans

If the  curriculum is like an ingredients list, lesson plans are like recipes. The ingredients you need are included, along with step-by-step instructions. True to my over-thinking ballet geek nature, each lesson plan has more exercises than you will fit into a single class. This means you can easily mix-and-match to customize the plans to your unique classes. (Sort of like you might leave the nuts out of a cake for your friend but include them for you grandma.) Having real-world tested lesson plans to refer to is a great help for new teachers who are still finding their own style, and for experienced teachers looking for new ways to present information!  

ballet class

Each Geeky Ballerina lesson plan includes:

  • The key principle for the level

  • The key vocabulary for the level

  • Objectives for the lesson plan

  • New vocabulary for the lesson plan

  • Suggested music

  • Barre combinations

  • Center adagio and turn combinations

  • Small, medium, and big jump combinations

  • Révérance


The Geeky Ballerina Blog

If the curriculum is the ingredients list and the lesson plan is the step-by-step recipe, the blog is where I brainstorm flavor combinations. I love making interdisciplinary connections and seeing the ways ballet relates to all kinds of stuff. How to create a growth-oriented culture, ballet history, classroom management approaches, different types of neurodiversity . . . there's always something interesting to learn. Since I think out loud, the blog is where I sort through new information and connect it to what I already know. (My dog is grateful I started the blog and can now finally stop talking to her about all this stuff.) If you're interested in seeing what ideas look like for me when they're rough and unpolished, this is the place to go.

Starting the Geeky Ballerina curriculum at our studio was easier than I expected. The tips Chelsea emailed helped but it's really the expectations to advance that helped the most. We could quickly see where our kids were at and the areas we needed to give extra attention to so the transition could be smooth for them. 

Lisa B.

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