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Workshops & Presentations

Come be geeky with me! In addition to traditional technique ballet classes, I offer workshops where students and teachers can experientially learn about elements of artistry, and formal presentations about my more theoretical work.


photo credit Rosemary Alpert @rosealpertphoto

Workshops for Student Artists

I have workshops developed for all levels of student artists. Each workshop focuses on one element of artistry. (Reflectivity and Transfer of Responsibility are not included because they are theoretical and not best explored through ballet classes.) Students are most successful when we can work together over multiple days, solidifying and building on the work started in the first class. However, even one class can make a difference! I would love to come work with your students.

photo credit Sophie Weidmann

Workshops for Teachers

Are you interested in a workshop where your teachers can be introduced to the nine elements of artistry in one morning? I offer that! My Meaning in Motion workshop offers a theoretical grounding in why the elements matter and includes embodied learning so teachers can explore the ideas on their own bodies. I can also offer an intensive workshop focusing on a single element of your choice. Teacher workshops complement student artist workshops and also are great additions to professional development events.


photo credit Rosemary Alpert @rosealpertphoto

Formal Presentations

Not interested in learning by moving? No problem. I have presented my work in more formal, lecture-style presentations in professional and academic settings. I love talking about ballet and teaching, and I am happy to prepare a presentation to meet your needs.

photo credit Rob Weidmann

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