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Our Syllabus 

The Geeky Ballerina syllabus is designed to work for all ages and levels at your studio. Whether you teach at a dedicated ballet conservatory, a competition studio, or in any other setting, our syllabus will guide you through each level of mastery so that you can offer the very best ballet education to your students and community.

To help support teachers, each level in the syllabus contains key information including:

  • recommended age range

  • recommended class length

  • general guidelines for the level

  • the key principle and vocabulary for the level

  • all new vocabulary for the level, divided into 9 units

  • benchmarks that demonstrate mastery of the unit to help determine when a student is ready to progress to the next level

Pre-ballet & Ballet Foundations

Our Pre-ballet & Ballet Foundations syllabus is the perfect introduction to ballet for your youngest dancers. Highlighting children's natural joy in movement and their curiosity about the world around them, our curriculum also introduces proper technique and encourages strength building that will set them up for success as they progress through the program. We believe that ballet classes should be child-centered, developmentally appropriate, and fun!

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Elementary Levels

Our Elementary syllabus is designed for students ages 8 and up who are looking to strengthen their ballet foundation. This syllabus spans across three levels and focuses on building stability and aplomb, while also including basic head coordination. By the end of the elementary levels, students will be fully prepared to begin pointe work and will have developed a strong foundation to build upon as they progress in their ballet journey.

Adult and teen beginning dancers should start with Level 2 in the Elementary syllabus.


Intermediate Levels


Our Intermediate syllabus is uniquely designed for this critical period in dancer development. Suitable for ages 11 and up, the intermediate levels build upon the foundation of technique established in the elementary levels and encourages students to develop their artistry, refine their technique, and begin their pointe studies. The intermediate levels also provide opportunities for students to find grace and clarity in their movements as they continue to build their ballet vocabulary.

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Advanced Levels


Our Advanced syllabus is designed to meet the needs of dancers with pre-professional or collegiate dance aspirations. In these final two years of study, dancers learn the most advanced vocabulary, integrate artistry into all their movements, and polish their technique. This syllabus challenges dancers and requires high technical standards coupled with exquisite execution. 

Our Advanced syllabus is specifically designed for schools that are dedicated to pre-professional study and may not be right for all studios. Many competition and recreational studios find that they do not have the time in their schedule to bring students to this elite level of ballet training. That's okay! At Geeky Ballerina we are dedicated to helping people teach quality ballet at all levels and encourage you to offer the levels that are best for your students. 

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Geeky Ballerina

artistry + technique

Geeky Ballerina

artistry + technique

Geeky Ballerina

artistry + technique

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